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Industry Applications
Air Conditioning Anywhere!

FiltiriteTM Passive HVAC filters help eliminate indoor air pollution and improve the Comfort Index by reducing humidity. Persistent odors are also virtually eliminated (See Testimonials). Electrical performance of air conditioning equipment is improved, and vents stay dry, eliminating the proliferation of mold.


AirSciences filters lower electrical consumption for large refrigerated warehouses. The compressors run fewer hours per day for refrigerator warehouses using our filters. Universal Studios utilizes our filters to eliminate icing in their large freezers in Building #4 (their large production building). .Eliminating defrost cycles in large warehouse freezers offers added electrical savings, since our filters keep freezers dry enough to eliminate formation of ice, using very infrequent defrost cycles.


The ethylene absorption of the FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters makes them very desirable for keeping refrigerated fruit and vegetable fresher, longer. The electrical savings are also welcome in this very competitive industry.


Ethylene absorption of our filters also can be very useful in agriculture, such as in large warehouses storing apples or other fruit or vegetables. This aspect of FiltiriteTM has only begun to be tapped.

Elimination of Bacterial and Fungal Diseases

AirSciences International, Inc. is engaged in several research projects at this point to determine the feasibility of using the FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters to reduce or eliminate the spread of fungal or bacterial diseases. If you have a suggested research project, and are willing to assist by bearing the cost of data collection in your facility, we urge you to contact us.


Hotels and resorts have special problems because of their size and the nature of their business. Their refrigerators and freezers tend to be bigger and more numerous, and their staffs are larger. They are especially concerned with Workman�s Compensation Claims, and thus place a premium on safety. The AirSciences Filters keep refrigerator floors dry and safe, and freezer floors free of ice. Additionally, the rooms in hotels get heavy use, and tend to develop both mold and strong odors. AirSciences has a special product for hotel room air conditioning units, which keeps rooms fresh, dry and free of moldy smells or cigarette odors. All of this for a lease price of pennies per day!


Food quality means everything to most chefs. Our filters keep food at the freshest level possible. We eliminate odor contamination (for example between broccoli and fish), at the same time we keep fragile strawberries and raspberries fresh for up to several weeks. Florists The President of the Central Florida


The Central Florida Florists Association has recommended that all florists use the AirSciences FilitiriteTM Passive Air Filters. Flowers last up to 2 or 3 times as long in refrigeration, and the smell of the flowers is wonderfully preserved. Several florists have told us �Now I can smell my lilies!� One large wholesaler told us that he could still discount his flowers to roadside sellers at the end of three weeks!

Ships and Aircraft

Ships and aircraft have special air handling problems. Problems on ships arise with the high humidity,
and the close quarters, making shipboard diseases a modern trend. Our filters help the U.S. Navy and
U.S. Coast Guard keep food fresh aboard their vessels. Aircraft are especially subject to odors. We would like to expand our service in both of these critical areas.


The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has approved the AirSciences FiltiriteTM HVAC Filters for installation in the air conditioning systems of Florida hospitals.