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The testimonials we have received are too numerous to cite here. However, some very credible testimonials follow:

"They're working! There's no humidity, and it smells like a cooler should."
Shelli Ashcraft
Highlands High School Kitchen Manager

"I know how the filters make our flowers last longer and smell better. Recently, I had AirSciences installed panels in my reach-in refrigerators. The filters keeps them running cool and dry."
Florist Danny Sexton,
Kissimmee, FL
Florist, and Past President, Central Florida Florists? Association

"The moisture's cut, temperature's lower, no moisture at all on the walls!"                                                Carla Wilkins
Mill Creek Elementary School

"The AirSciences Filters extend the life of our flowers, decreasing our costs significantly. They lessen the load on our refrigerator compressors--our HVAC serviceman gave us a great report recently. We are urging all florists to install the AirSciences humidity control systems in their refrigerators."
Robert Johnson
Central Florida Florists Association

"Much better! The mold is cleaned up, and the cooler's drier, not sweating."
Pam Brown
Celebration School Kitchen Manager

"Since we have installed the AirSciences Filters, our produce lasts longer. The greatest difference, however, is in the meat locker odors. The smell used to be really bad, and now is great!"                       John Glenn
Kitchen Manager
The Melting Pot

"Smells much better--fresher! We noticed right away. The fridge is dry!"
Mona Serber
Lakeview School Kitchen Manager

"I've noticed how well the AirSciences Filters work in our walk-in refrigerator to keep the smell good and vegetables fresh. My friend is starting a catering business, and I'm recommending AirSciences International to him."
Ariel Perez
Restaurant Employee at The Citrus Club

"We noticed right away! The fridge smells so much better!"
Arlene Irving
Ventura Elementary School Kitchen Manager

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Maryanne Morse

Hi Jay, just a quick note to let you know I really have noticed a big difference in the walk in, my fruit and veggies have a longer shelf life now and the freezer I have noticed no droplets hanging off my ceiling.
Thanks, Colette D? Antonino???.Happy 4th of July to you and yours.

Colette D'Antonino
Dietary Manager Majestic Oaks at John Knox
Village 901 Veterans Memorial Pkwy
Orange City, Florida 32763