Humidity & Pollution Control Filters for Walk-in Coolers, 

Freezers & Air Conditioning

What We Do

AirSciences International, Inc. distributes the patented FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters in the U.S. The AirSciences filters work inside your walk-in coolers and freezers (up to warehouse size) to create and maintain the ideal food storage environment by adsorbing excess humidity, ethylene gas, bacteria, acid molecules and mold spores from cooled air. This prolongs the life of fruits and veggies, cuts compressor run time and can save up to 30% on your electric bill. The filters use no electricity, are non-toxic and are accepted by the USDA, the FDA,  the Dept. of Health and Human Services (Centers for Disease Control) and other government agencies. 

Our filters also introduce and unparallelled level of filtration to air conditioning systems. We filter up to 97% of pollutants remaining in the air after HEPA filtration!

Other Applications

It doesn't end there! Learn more about other vital uses of our filters and how we can benefit your business. 


Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Contact us to start a free trial and see the affects of our filters with your own eyes (and nose)!