Other Applications

"So Fresh" Products

Do your husband's stinky shoes smell up an entire room? 

Is your daughter's hockey bag unbearable to carry? 

The FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters are not limited to commercial use. Bring AirSciences benefits right into your home with our So Fresh line of products. 

Place a pair of Shoes so Fresh filters in your grossest pair of shoes while you aren't wearing them. Throw a Bag So Fresh filter in your stinkiest gym bag. Take a sniff a couple of days later and you'll see how we transform yucky smelling stuff to smell brand new! 

Tired of your berries biting the dust before your family gets a chance to eat them? Ask about our Fridge So Fresh Filter and we'll keep your refrigerator in top condition, too! 

How AirSciences benefits florists

The FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters not only adsorbs acids, mold and fungal molecules from the air, but also eliminates ethylene gas. Lowering the presence of this gas in your cooler will help prolong the life of your flowers. Our florists report that the filters prevent botrytis and black leaf diseases in their flowers. 

U.S. Army test showed that the FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters decreased ethylene gas to ZERO parts per billion. Further tests have shown that this results in the extension of fruit, vegetable and plant refrigerated shelf life by up to 300%. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can benefit your business! 

Use of the Filtirite Passive Air Filters in Hospitals

The uses of AirSciences products are not limited to refrigeration units. Perhaps the most important data to date: Preliminary testing has shown that the FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters also adsorb viruses. Hospital-induced infections strike over 440,000 patients each year in the U.S. alone (killing over 100,000). Because our filters can adsorb bacteria, funguses and viruses from the air, they could be of great benefit to health care systems around the world. The filters do not kill the adsorbed pollutants but merely take them out of areas they should not be in. Therefore, they do not create "superbugs." AirSciences is determined to show the world that we can help eliminate airborne illnesses in hospitals.