How Our Filters Work

AirSciences International, Inc. distributes the patented FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters in the U.S. The AirSciences filters work inside your walk-in coolers and freezers to create and maintain the ideal food storage environment by adsorbing excess humidity, ethylene gas, bacteria, acid molecules and mold spores from cooled air. This prolongs the life of fruits and veggies, cuts compressor run time up to 40% and can save up to 30% on your electric bill. They use no electricity, are non-toxic and are accepted by the USDA, FDA, the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and other government agencies. 

AirSciences filters adsorb excess humidity and pollutants from air at a temperature below about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26-27 Degrees C) but also allow most of the humidity back into the air, while virtually always maintaining relative humidity of less than 100%.

Our filters contain FiltiriteTM, a mineral mixture which also continuously adsorbs odors, ethylene gas and acid molecules from the air of your cooler and freezer as they are produced. 

How you Benefit

They Reduce Peak Daily Humidity (%RH)

The slight decrease in Peak Daily Humidity from 100% to 96% makes the difference between a WET and a DRY refrigerator. 

The decrease in Peak Daily Humidity from 100% to 83% makes the difference between an ICING freezer and an ICE-FREE freezer.

Decreases Ethylene Gas

Ethylene tests were conducted by the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick, MA, from January to March, 2008. AirSciences Filters decreased ethylene gas to ZERO parts per billion, resulting in extension of banana shelf life from 7 to 20 days (186% improvement). 

Reduce Airborne Bacteria & Fungal Spores (Including Mold)

Army tests also showed the filters reduce mold in the air of a walk-in by 100%, and bacteria by 83% or more. 

Not only will this prolong the life of fruits and veggies, but the labor required to control mold will be significantly reduced. Your cooler will finally be rid of all those nasty odors, leaving only what we call  "vegetable perfume".

Reduced Electrical Usage

Energy tests at Nu Vista Foods, a Tampa based food distributor, showed electricity savings of up to 30%, despite a strong increase in food sales over the period. These results are based on actual electric bills for 2012 and 2013. Who wouldn't want those savings! Not only do you reduce your electricity spending, but you also save on maintenance costs when FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters are used in a walk-in cooler or freezer. 


  • Drier air take less energy to cool
  • Drying out the refrigerator insulation increases R-value, reducing the temperature inside walk-ins
  • Icing on the compressor coil is reduced
  • As a result, compressor run time is reduced up to 40% 


  • Preventative maintenance & equipment replacement costs are reduced for dry units
  • Due to elimination of acid molecules in the air, the life expectancy of equipment is increased
  • Previously wet or icy floors are dried out, improving working conditions and decreasing liability

Want to see more?

We've recorded data of numerous experiments in order to show you just how efficiently the FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters really are. There's only one problem: It's way too much stuff to include here. Let us know what you're interested in and we'll get you the charts and facts immediately!