Frequently Asked Questions

How are the FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters installed?

The FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters hang from the racks in your walk-in coolers and freezers. They are typically placed near the door to adsorb excess humidity and pollutants from new air entering the cooler via the open door. The filters hang in between the back or side of the rack and the cooler wall. 

What are the filters made of? Are they toxic in any way?

No! The FiltiriteTM mineral is and its active ingredients are natural and non toxic, accepted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), FDA, USDA, OSHA and the Department of Health and Human Services for use in food preparation areas. 

Do the filters work in walk-in coolers and freezers?

Yes! When the FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filter is used in temperatures below about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, pollutants and excess humidity from the air is adsorbed into the filter. Maintaining a relative humidity of lass than 100% will cause the cooler to stay dry and free of hazardous condensation. This lightens the load on the compressor and allows it to run much less often, prolonging the life of your equipment. 

Our mineral also adsorbs all old odors, ethylene gas, acid molecules and bacteria from the air, extending the shelf life of your fruits and veggies, preventing transfer of odors in foods like lettuce, broccoli and fish.

The FiltiriteTM filters prevent icing in freezers, decreasing "freezer burn" and allowing a decrease in defrost cycles. Ice robs your freezer's efficiency by blocking air flow and requiring expenditure of energy to keep it frozen. Additionaly, it retains bad odors and causes "freezer burn," which is actually bacterial odor contamination of frozen food stored of any period of time. Defrost cycles use expensive resistance heat -- decrease them with the FilteriteTM Filter and save money! 

What about reach-in coolers?

The FiltiriteTM filters work great for reach-in coolers, eliminating condensation from forming on glass displays. We actually have a line of products specifically designed for reach-ins and smaller refrigerator units. Contact us to learn more! 

Do the filters actually clean the air or do they simply cover up the smells?

Unlike other products on the market that simply mask smells, our FiltiriteTM Passive Air Filters actually eliminate the root cause of odors -- bacteria and funguses, reducing mold.

U.S. Army tests have shown that the filters reduced mold and fungal spores in the air of a large test walk in refrigerator by 97-100%! Similarly, the test showed a reduction of bacteria in the air by 83% or more. Eliminating these pollutants from the air allows only clean and fresh smells to exist in the walk-in or freezer. We like to call this a "vegetable perfume." With our free trial, your nose will notice the difference in air quality before we can even show you data results. 

How much do the filters cost?

The monthly cost varies by client, as it is calculated by the size of the cooler and/or freezer. We will gladly come inspect your cooler/freezer during a free consultation. See the amazing results yourself by signing up for a FREE trial!

Client Testimonials

Universal Studios

Tony Reynolds, Chief Engineer of Universal Studios, Orlando: 

“Your filters keep my refrigerators and freezers much colder.  At the same time, my compressor run time is down 42%!  We had to shut down the backup refrigerator system in the butcher shop with the filters, it was getting too cold! Our big freezers no longer filled with ice and snow."

U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (NSSC), Natick, MA

Paul W. Maguire, Food Technologist, Natick Soldier Center (U. S. Army Research and Development Center, Natick, MA):  

“Your filters reduced measured mold fungus in the Army test refrigerator by 100%, and airborne bacteria by 83% in a 5 week test.  Ethylene gas was reduced to less than 1 part per billion.  Icing was eliminated in the test freezer, after an initial cleaning.”

Nu Vista Foods Group

 Tom Raynor, President of Nu Vista Foods, Tampa:  “Our accountant called me a few months after we started using the AirSciences Air Filters.  He said, ‘What’s going on over there with your electricity costs?  Your costs are diving.  What are you doing?’  I told him about AirSciences.  He said, 'Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!'  We measured the actual electricity costs for our plant for a year, and we save approximately 30% in electricity."

Kissimmee Florist

Danny Sexton, Florists, Central Florida Florists Association, Former President:

"The AirSciences Filters extend the life of our flowers, decreasing our costs significantly. They lessen the load on our refrigerator compressors--our HVAC serviceman gave us a great report recently. We are urging all florists in Florida to install AirSciences Filtirite (TM) Passive Air Filters in their refrigerators."